Sloth Games
The Sloth Games bot

Xmas (Event Over)


Shows your inventory containing your Xmas items, that were obtained in the Xmas game, stated in the Features section.


Shows a list with the top ten members in the servers with more Xmas items, which are obtained in the Xmas game stated in the Features section.


Xmas Game (Event Over)

This is the Christmas game, which consists in answering a random question sent by the bot randomly in a period of 5-15 minutes each question.

PS: This feature is temporary and will last until the end of Christmas, and the top 3 people with more items (questions answered correctly) will get a Discord Nitro as a reward and as a Christmas gift! So go get them!!!


The image above shows how the questions are sent into the Discord channel, and the first person to answer to that question correctly will get the prize.

The bot reacts to your message with an ❌ emoji if you gets wrong the answer:

But it will react with a ✅ emoji if you get it right, and it will give you the prize stated in the question message:

The bot will also update the original message to make sure everyone knows the question has been answered and can no longer be answered again:

The Language Jungle Game

The Language Jungle game is consisted in guessing the language that is being spoken in the audio reproduced by the Sloth Games bot, and as a matter of fact, the game is divided into two game modes, singleplayer and multiplayer, changing slightly the mechanics of the gameplay.


To start a singleplay mode, you need to type the zg!play command in #the-language-jungle channel while being connected to the Language Jungle voice channel.

In the singleplayer mode you basically have to wait for the audio to be reproduced entirely in order to give your answer, otherwise, the bot will ignore it.

  • There are ten rounds for each singleplayer playthrough (10 different languages or dialects);
  • You only have 3 lives, if you lose them, you lose the game;
  • If you quit the voice channel before a new round starts, the bot will end the game.

Example of one of our members playing the game:

As you can see above, Mayu got the first one right, so they get to continue to the next round.

But this time, as shown above, Mayu got wrong the language of the audio sample, so they lost 1 life! This is the audio played in that round:

And finally, in the image below, Mayu got wrong for the third time and lost the game, thus the bot showed them their score with a nice and neat image:

If you notice things easily, you will also have noticed the Sloth character on the left side, this is your custom sloth that you can customize with clothes and other vanity items, which are bought using The Language Sloth's currency that is called leaves (łł). One of the ways of getting leaves is playing The Language Jungle game.


The multiplayer, as self-explanatory as it can get, has the same concept as the singleplayer mode, but with a maximum of 10 players separated into 2 different teams; red and blue team (5 players in each).

To initialize the game setup, which is a message that will wait 60 seconds for people to join any of the two teams, you have to type either zg!mp, zg!multiplayer or the full command name zg!play_multiplayer_language.

The differences between the singeplayer and the multiplayer mode are mainly:

  • In the multiplayer mode, the first person to guess the answer will get the point to their team;
  • You can type the answer while the audio is being reproduced, that way, the game is more dynamic and fast;
  • If you get it wrong, it won't affect the round by stopping it.

After those 60 seconds, the bot will send a picture into the channel, containing all players in their respective team.

An then it will start the game after ten seconds from posting that picture.

The voice channel at that moment:

In this case, the red team won the game, so a red victory splash art image showed up at the end.