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Language Classes

Are you looking for language classes to bone up your target language? That's the right place! In The Language Sloth server, we have a system based on languages classes taught by our sweet team of volunteer teachers. They get to schedule a time and a weekday for their classes and when the day comes, they do their best to help language learners and teach them some useful stuff in the language that they are teaching.

If you first want to look the already scheduled classes, you can either go to the Class section in this website to see the list of scheduled classes in real time or go to the #classes channel in the server, but there, the list is updated normally once or twice a day, generally at midnight or in the morning.

OK, now that we explained the concept, let's get into the actual thing.

Below, you can see the Lessons category, with an ongoing Korean class.

It is highly important to understand the single criterion for being able to join and attend a class. For that, let's use this Korean class as an example. If you have either the Studying Korean or the Fluent Korean role, you will be able to join the voice channel and type in the text channel just fine, but if you have the Native Korean role, you won't be able to do none of them.

Example of someone with the Native Korean role:

-> Voice Channel:

-> Text Channel:

As shown above, the voice channel got a padlock emoji, and writing permissions were not given to the user in the text channel.

Otherwise, if you had either the Studying Korean or Fluent Korean role, that is what you would see in this case:

After the class is finished, both voice and text channel will be deleted, and you will be able to see the class history in the #class-history channel, like this:

And if you think you fulfilled the requirements for being rewarded as a student, you might stand a chance at getting a reward from the teacher.

In short, the requirements for being rewarded are:

  • Stayed in the class' voice channel for at least 30 minutes in total. (Pronunciation lessons);
  • Sent at least 10 messages in the class' text channel and must have joined the voice channel at least once. (Grammar lessons).

If you were rewarded after the class, you can see it in the #bots-and-commands channel.

Smart Rooms

What is a SmartRoom? A SmartRoom is system where you can create custom voice and text channels for suiting your needs, so basically, if you want a private studying room or a room for talking to your friends in private, that's what you're looking for!

First of all, to start the creation of a SmartRoom, you first need to join the Create SmartRoom voice channel.

As soon as you do it, the Sloth bot will DM you an image-menu, where you can choose the type of class you want to create.

Let's start with the Basic type that costs 5łł, therefore react with :one:.

Right after that, the bot is asking the limit of users that I want my voice channel to have, for this example I'll select 3.

And now I have to write a name for my room, so let me be creative for a whole second...

There you go! test room seems like a fair name, and now I have to either confirm or cancel my values. If I react with ✅, the bot will confirm it just fine, but if I react with ❌, the bot will remake all questions, however, if you changed your mind and doesn't want to create a room anymore, just ignore the bot that it will eventually timeout! But now I'm gonna confirm it with ✅.

Apparently the test room has been created and the bot moved me to there, so let's check the server and see it.

Yep, It's created and I'm in there... I'm ready to talk about coin collection with my big 3-people group of friends (including me)!

By the way, the test room will be there as long as there is at least 1 person in there, in other words, if you leave the voice channel and the room becomes empty, the bot will delete it.


The premium rooms are a bit different, just like the basic rooms, you can create a voice channel with a custom name and select the user limit of that channel from 0-25 members, where 0 means limitless, but a bonus thing to that is that you can also create a temporary text channel that will last as long as there are people in the voice channel you created. This text channel is visible for everyone, though, so if you want private text channels, you should look for the galaxy rooms. 

An important thing to keep in mind when creating a premium room is that they cost 100 łł (leaves), which is The Language Sloth's currency, so be aware of that.

Let's see the creation of the premium channels!

You first select the user limit.

Then you choose a name for the voice channel.

And then you provide a name for your temporary text channel.

And that's it! Let's see how it is looking within the server...

Perfect! Now enjoy your channels.


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Shows the amount of members in the server.


Shows you when the server will reach a certain amount of members (in days), considering the average growth percentage rate of all days.


Shows some information about the bot itself.

server_status (ss)

Shows some statuses of the server.



Shows for how long the Sloth bot has been up.



Gets a random meme from the meme subreddit.


Sends into the channel a random comic from XKCD.


Shows some information about the server.


Shows some information about a given user.



Shows the bot's current latency (ping).


(MOD) Tells in which voice channel the member is in.


Does a simple math equation. (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication).


(MOD) Makes the bot leave the voice channel it is in, in case it is in a voice channel.



(ADM) Countdowns from a given number.

member_in_vc (mivc)

Tells how many member are in a voice channel at that moment.


(BOOSTER) Makes the bot reproduce a text-to-speech audio in the voice channel that you are in.


(ADM) Magnets all members that are in a voice channel into a single voice channel.



(ADM) Shows all files of a given extension (png/gif) that are in the bot's folder.


(ADM) Sends a gif from the bot's folder into the chat.



(ADM) Sends a png image from the bot's folder into the channel.



(ADM) Sends a Direct Message (DM) to a member.


(MOD) Makes the bot send given a message into the channel.


(ADM) Makes the bot send a given message into a given channel.



Shows the user's message and time statuses.


Show the user's level, XP, balance, attended classes, hosted classes and rewarded classes.